Sigma Tau Delta at JMU

Winter Demons

Just when the world seems to be closing in 

I smell the salt of the ocean in the air.

A trick played by my anxious brain,

But for a second it's cracked wide open.

No longer do the cement walls feel so oppressive

As the waves crash into my mind and 

Gently dissolve the ever-present tightness in my chest,

Swept out by the tide and carried into the setting sun.

The once steel sky suddenly blooms with light,

And my head slips under the salty veil in one swift motion,

Wholly engulfed by the satin smoothness of the sea,

Freely pulled by currents of memory.

My mind eases, 

my pulse the sole reminder of my material existence.






And then the squeal of chalk on the board shatters the illusion.

My eyes are open once again

With a roof and ceiling not so high above my head,

And my lungs fill their empty space with winter air, cold and dead, 

Reminding me just how long my frost-bitten soul need wait

To feel the life bringing warmth of the summer sun again.