Sigma Tau Delta at JMU


One fish

two fish.

A red fish

and a Blue Fish,

shot a fish

and killed a fish.

Now a fish

is dead on the street,

flapping up against the concrete.



he died chasing street dreams.

Trying to stack dough

by selling dope

but ended up sniffing coke

because he lost hope.

So, he stayed on the block

toting his Glock

knowing the day would come

that he’d get shot.

And now his mom fish

and dad fish

are lost in their sadness.

But me?

I’m a mad fish.

Because, I watched my friend get killed

before he fully grew out his gills.

And even though his murderers are still popping pills,

gangbanging, and chasing cheap thrills,

it pains me even more to conceive 

that too soon these boys will also be

more dead fish from the ghetto sea.

Body Identification