Sigma Tau Delta at JMU

Cyclical Abuse

In time, our lies became the branches we swung from.
Barked words and rooted meanings,
Stemmed from stumped conversations.
The rings we circled as the years passed.
We danced through double seasons; from winter to summer
As we tried to erase the first cold front that blew through our house.
The one that brought dry heat to your eyes and a snowstorm to mine.
The only time we had been buried so deeply we suffocated each other.
Yet, we were made anew every spring.
And our cyclical gestures restarted,
As we began rebuilding and crumbling,
On the edges of time lapses.
We swore every year the final fall had come.
But before we knew it our minds receded around us,
Made us newborn babes from the parents we had been,
And caught us up in the circle of life that formed.
We drank in the rainwater that fell from each other’s eyes;
Enjoying our self-hatred in thunder clad arguments;
Before relapsing to our addiction of each other’s oxygen,
Even if that oxygen was our murderess.
We abandoned ourselves
To be possessed by sadists[1] dressed in leaves.
A twisted Adam and Eve jumping from the limbs of their fruit tree,
So that our bodies were strung high in Time’s mossy limbs.

[1] The word “sadists” here refers to people who “enjoy being cruel” according to the second definition on

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