Sigma Tau Delta at JMU


After our second date
He gently whispered in my ear,
“I’m gonna marry you someday.”

I wasn’t even scared.

If only that were still the case.

Awoken at 4:17am
To the feeling of his dry hands fondling me.

He thought I was asleep.

And I pretended I still was.

He knows I’ve been in situations like this before.

How could my protector
Be the same ‘man’ who hurt me the most?

The one who was supposed to love me

Why did he choose
To take advantage of my unconscious body?

I know what you’re thinking.
My experiences weren’t violent.
I didn’t say “no” sternly enough.

I shouldn’t have let him into my room,
Into my life.

But I did
Both times.

You’d think I would have learned by now.

Well, I haven’t.

So how are you going to help me?
How are you going to help us?
The ones who can and will say, “Me too.”

Alone At Sea