Sigma Tau Delta at JMU

For a love that was not, and never will be, known

For a love that was not, and never will be, known


She sits in my mouth like a cigarette

Destroys my lungs

And disappoints my parents

She is 5 dollars and 25 cents

That mysteriously disappears out of my

Negative balance

Bank account

Each week

She is the rush of nicotine

And sex in the back of a church van

She stains the air

She burns holes in the interior of my car

I try to brush her out from my teeth

And my gums bleed her

I chew on Nicorette until my jaw loses all feeling

And still the rhythm of my mouth sings


She is both the eyes in which I saw God

For the very first time

And the tapping of a dinner knife

Slowly against my throat

As if only thinking

Only considering

What it would mean to press harder

Because if she could just rip my vocal chords out

She could rip her sin out with them




We were tangled in soft limbs

And honey bourbon

Bible verses

A love uncertain

We came together

And stilled the storm to a whisper

I heard the pastor say “Do everything in love”

As I kissed her

“The Lord will fight for you

You need only to be still”

They broke our fingers

And called it God’s will

“Those who deal treacherously without cause will be ashamed”

And so we held hands under tables

Slipped quietly under bedframes

Waited like Jacob did for Rachel

Bloomed in heretic glory

Drafted a new creation story

Made everything beautiful in its time

“I am my beloved’s, and my beloved is mine”




The Refugee, the Telephone, and the Moon

The Refugee, the Telephone, and the Moon